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In questa ricerca si parla della progettazione dei luoghi di apprendimento. Qui sotto l’abstract della ricerca, per il testo integrale cliccate sul link! Buona lettura!

Designs for Learning: Case/Space Studies in a University, a Prision, a Laboratory, and a Public School

This presentation will focus on five specific learning programs as illustrations of the change process caused by the interaction between the behavior of the subjects, the increased knowledge of the investigators, and the physical environment originally designed for each project. Excerpts from various publications have been included in the bibliography. This material describes the learning problems and environmental conditions that were present in the five projects: the Design Department and Experimental Freshman Year Programs at Southern Illinois University, CASE I and CASE II programs at the National Training School for Boys (Washington, D.C.), and the Programming Interpersonal Curricula for Adolescents (PICA) Program for junior high school students in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. (The discussion will also include a slide presentation outlining the floor and area/use/time descriptions of the five projects.)

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